Alcester Folk Song


1 Two thousand years we’ve been a Town,

Watched Romans marching up and down,

“One day,” they said, “You’ll be renowned!”

But Alcester said “No thank you.”

2. The River Arrow flows close by,

The ships built here were long and high.

“The Town will be another Clyde!”

But Alcester said “No thank you.”

3. God said, “Let Cathedrals be”

“At Worcester, Gloucester, Coventry.”

“Shall I build Alcester two or three?”

But Alcester said, “No thank you.”

4. The Bard of Avon, Shakespeare, spoke:

“That Town of Stratford’s just a joke!”

“Shall I write plays for Alcester folk?”

But Alcester said “No thank you.”

5. The fires of Industry burned red,

The Men of Iron looked far ahead,

“It’s you or Birmingham!” they said.

But Alcester said “No thank you.”

6. The Floods of Change they came and went,

Promises made and money spent,

But the Sword of Fate made scarce a dent,

For Alcester said “No thank you.”


7. Let others strut on History’s Stage,

For Fame demands a heavy wage,

Whilst Destiny’s storms around us rage,

Still Alcester says “No thank you.”

8. Yet when those Redditch folk came here

With all their fingers in their ears,

“You want a Folkie Fest, my dears?”

Then Alcester said “Yes thank you.” 

Copyright Bill Bayley, 2004